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Large World

We currently offer a vast circular world with a diameter of 32,000 blocks on the survival server. The world is constantly expanding, so you'll have plenty of space.

Safe Environment

Our server is safe and friendly. Profanity is filtered in chat, cheaters & hackers are banned, powerful anti-griefing tools protect your builds from any kind of damage, and our staff are always willing help you out.

Active Community

Join our active community and participate in many group events. Join towns, collaborate with others, create public shops, and much more!

15+ Custom Plugins and counting!

All the way from custom minigames, to simple tweaks that enhance your gameplay, our server offers a wide range of custom made plugins to make things more awesome!

Constant Updates

We are constantly updating the server to introduce new features and to eliminate any issues. We are dedicated in creating a fun and memorable experience for everyone.

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